Sunday, 13 April 2008

Run run as fast as you can!

Well, it's that time again when athletes take to the streets of London for a 26 mile hike. I just watched an Ethiopian lady collide with a table in Canary Wharf, where else can you guarantee action of that quality - stunt men and woman of LA stand aside.

Jokes aside, it is an amazing achievement and having recently ran a half marathon I fully respect anyone who has the determination and tenacity to run this distance!

As I watched the footage on the television I was considering how the city changes every year, I definitely noticed more graffiti and petty crime in the background so maybe what the papers say about London is true and life is getting increasingly worse?

Canary Wharf keeps growing too - it's good to see another tower block on the skyline - it reminds me a little of the children's programme Fraggle Rock where the 'Doozers' used to build their towers and knock them down, then re-build them again - repeating this cycle over and over again to infinity.

Ahhh, the futility of corporate architecture. Here today and gone tomorrow, perhaps literally if the US credit crunch continues to worsen. I ponder whether the Citibank HQ will be converted into London's first eco-tower to include a roof garden running track? Thant would certainly jazz up the marathon next year!

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Illustration Illustration Illustration

Hello World!

Who was it who came up with the saying "location, location, location", well I have put a new twist on that saying to come up with the phrase "illustration, illustration, illustration!". No, not a comment on the property market of today (there isn't actually a property market in the UK anymore for people of 45 and under) but a cynical attempt to gain rankings in the major search engines.

That's right, I'm coming straight out with it, no trying to hide my keywords in, on the surface, innocent looking editorial copy that once read has a strange feeling of subliminal mind games about it. No, I'm going straight for the jugular - I want to be top of Google and proud (see new tee shirt and badge range coming soon). And when I achieve high search rankings for Google I shall then revert to only publicising my website, which promotes my services as an illustrator by the way, in small cards stuck to the interior of phone boxes in the Kings Cross area of London. Call it anti-eMarketing if you like, I can get it but then I don't want it - that'll play with Googlebot's mind (it does have a mind doesn't it - an algorithm is a type of bird isn't it?).

Aside from my cynical attempts to gain search engine ranking I have also devoted a fair proportion of my week to using eBay. Mmm I thought, lets sort out the loft and get rid of those useful items I have been hoarding for many years now and what better place to sell all of these useful items than eBay, what could possibly go wrong.

To me the Internet is about convenience and interaction, two of it's most potent and significant advantages. The only problem comes when you add humans into the mix with there inability to read simple text instructions and comprehend the most basic workings of lets, an auction site for example. So things are progressing well with my listings on eBay, I have listed my products, provided all manor of images nd descriptions and made the payment options (cash for collection or paypal) and fact that I don't want to post anything (very large heavy items you see) totally clear in several sections.

FANTASTIC! I think to myself when I see my first item has sold for £350, who would have thought it, an all that for a little time online and a bit of elbow grease with the Pledge. I notice that my winning bidder has no positive feedback but he has mailed me to tell me not to be concerned as he is new to eBay and hasn't bought or sold anything yet.

But oh dear, what's this - my winning bidder lives in Staffordshire, a two hour drive from here. Surprise surprise, here comes the e-mail I have been expecting "as it may be some time until I can pick up would you be able to post to me?". "Yes" I replied grudgingly, "how do you want to pay" I asked. "Can I pay by cheque" he asks! No, no no no no, do I have idiot written on my head in big letters. So, great, you have a zero rating on feedback from other buyers and sellers, you haven' bothered to read "pick up only" written all over the product information and you also seem unable to read my payment options or grasp the concept of fraud?

Last night he sends me an e-mail saying he doesn't have a pay pal account, so what, set one up - it takes all of 5 minutes!!! He agrees to do this tomorrow (today). Phew, making monkeys jump through hoops is tiring work.

Combine the antics of my winning bidder with attempts to phish information via the message section claiming that someone else is using my photos to sell and item and linking through to a spoof eBay site, people asking stupid questions because they are too thick to read the information section and requests to come round and look at products when they are only reaching £40 on the auction and you start to wonder if it's all worth it?

On a brighter note, this morning I read the scenario "imagine if people stopped watching TV and going to the shops" when discussing how the Internet was changing society. Long live the Internet I say, I haven't been watching TV and shopping for a long time. I'm not sure everyone will agree though! (that's you JU!)

ciao for now.
mr p

Saturday, 15 September 2007

and that address again...

sorry, the site address is (actually on left hand side of blog too)..


Where did Summer go V.s Which Paul Featherstone?

Well, the leaves are blowing from the trees and there is definitely a nip in the air! So where exactly did Summer go, the source of much debate in the UK - we have had floods, rain and wind but not much sunshine and heat. For all of the debate about the climate heating up I don't see much evidence of it! (joke)

I have recently made some updates to my website and if anyone wants to take a look then please visit:

Feel free to request a link swap, I'm trying to get my name at the top of Google at the moment, the main competitors are as follows:

a) Paul Featherstone - Motivational Speaker..quote from site: "Paul Featherstone was the paramedic who psychologically held Diver’s hand for 12 hours until he was freed from his concrete tomb after the disastrous Thredbo landslide in 1997." - I think this Paul also plays bit parts in "Americas Worst Accidents...3" on NTL channel 672. Poor Diver!

b) Paul Featherstone - Tenor..quote from site: "Knowing nothing of music and little of opera, Paul had his first singing lessons with Maggie Cotter, and quickly learned Valentin’s aria from “Faust” - “Avant de quitter ces lieux” and got the job." Wow, isn't that how it always happen though?

c) Paul Featherstone - Director of Estates and Facilities..quote from personal profile: "Out of work interests include martial arts, playing guitar and following Bolton Wanderers" - this I am not happy about - the football team that is!

I have managed to get in front of Paul C for a UK search but need help, can you help, will you help?

I deserve more exposure that big mouthed Pauls A and B, for I am Paul D - the biggest mouth of them all.

Bye for noo.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Welcome to feathers' blog


Welcome to my first ever blog, mmm, just deciding what this font does for my blog image.

Just eaten lots of beans, I really don't like them - any thoughts on that? Like eating a roll of carpet, ouch!!

Funny moment in Eastenders - a rave in Peggy Mitchels' pub complete with locals dressed in 'Madchester' style. Fantastic, give the script writers a pay rise.

How do I add a footer in this thing? mmm